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The adult entertainment business has become a 100 billion dollar industry, and it involves a lot of advertising. And these are the highest paying adult affiliate networks. They will help generate a lot of revenue.

1: Adult Webmaster Empire - Best Cam Affiliate Program

We need You! Earn more than 40000 USD monthly!


Promo Tools: Tons of promotional tools, plus they offer 2 white label sites.

Sites: 10 WebCam Sites

Flagships: Live Jasmin, Jasmin, Camera Boys, Joy Yourself, Live Sex Awards and More.

Programs: Iframes, white labels, model referrals program, banners, text links and many many more.

Payment Options: Check, Bank Transfer, Paxum, ePayService

35% 45% Revenue Share, $150 $300 PPS. With Adult Webmaster Empire you can cash in on the worlds most popular adult webcam website, as well as with several niche webcam sites. Amazing affiliate commissions starting at 35% revenue share $150 PPS which is increasing to $200 after just sending 3 sales in the same period. After sending 10 sales it increases again. Lots of smooth looking promo tools available, and easy to use. Also offers a free white label solution which pays the same revenue share as their flagship site. The also have a model referrals program but you must be approved for this after joining. Read More...

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2: Fetish Hits Affiliate Program

Fetish Hits Adult Affiliate


Sites: 100+ Porn Sites, 1 WebCam Site

Flagships: None really but access to one site grants access to all

Niche: All

Programs: Way to many tools to mention here. You can create a complete cam site in an iframe with a dropdown menu with 57 categories. Video banners and much much more

Payment Options: Check, Wire, Paxum

60%70% Revenue Share, $35$40 PPS, 20%25% Revenue Share for WebCams. Promote a tremendous amount of sites covering some 50 niche specific sites. With a membership to one site you can get access to 110+ sites so this is a really good program to promote for most niche specific sites. Lots of promotional tools at your disposal. Read More...

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3: Bonga CashSex Cam Affiliate Program

Bonga Cash Adult Affiliate


Sites: 1 Grand WebCam Site For All Needs plus a white label site.

Flagships: BongaCams and Model Referrals.

Niches: All

Programs: Webcams, iframes, white labels, banners, link codes, and more

Payment Options: Wire, Paxum, Payoneer, Webmoney, ePayments, Bitcoin and other cryptos

15%25% Revenue Share, $0.007$4.5 Pay Per FREE, 5% Webmaster Referral. One of the biggest and best webcam affiliate programs at the moment. Their webcam site reminds a lot of Chaturbate with few differences. It looks a bit better and more modern and clean. You can benefit from many marketing tools including banners which streams live from chat rooms. A con of this program is that they pay a really low amount per free membership from certain countries. But a pro is that they pay up to $4.5 for each free (no credit card needed) from a couple of countries and slightly less for USA at $4 and $1 and $4 for most EU countries. If you got traffic from the right countries you can make a lot with this option. But the revenue share would more then likely be the best option to earn the most money with over time especially if you can get the 20 or 25% rates. Everyone needs to start out with 15% though. My first referral that spent money on Bonga Cams earned me $110 @ 15% revenue share and probably more but it is impossible to track when more people started joining. Their white label builder is very simple to use and does only allow revenue sharing. Read More...

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4: Internet Modeling

InternetModeling.com - Webcam Models Wanted!


Sites: 7 Webcam sites 1 Large WebCam Site with over ten million visitors per day and Adult Video Store

Niches: Webcam models, Male models, Shemale models, Amateur cams, Sex club, Femdom, and Ebony chat. Many different niches on the cam sites

Store: Adult videos, webcams

Programs: Webcams, and video store, banners, and text links

Payment Options: Paxum, check, Direct Deposit

70% Revenue Share sales, 10% for model referrals and 10% for webmasters. Promote a great affiliate that let's you promote webcam models and webmasters with some great looking banners. Signup just a few motivated webcam models and you can quit your day job. Signup a few motivated webmasters and a few models and your set. You can make some real money with this affiliate. They don't have a ton of promotion tools but all you need from them is a few banners and text links, that's it. Promote and make money. Read More...

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5: TAC Amateurs - Amateur Network Affiliate Program

TAC Amateurs Adult Affiliate Program


Sites: 300 Porn Sites

Niche: Amateurs

Programs: Tons and tons of images, videos, iframes, a lot of tools to make complete websites

Payment Options: Check, Wire, Paxum, Payoneer

$8-$68 PPS. TAC Amateurs is an affiliate network for over 300 amateur porn sites. You can offer your visitors the best deal on amateur porn with a MEGA membership that grants access to all sites. Sites combined hosts currently over 10.000 videos and 1 million pictures. That is a lot of porn customers can enjoy! You will get access to tons of marketing material like over 5.000 embedded videos which you can export to .csv or get a feed for mass importing to your tube site. The videos are filterable by niches (about 65 different ones). Most of the content is UK amateur MILF porn. But also a decent number close to 1.000 videos for Teen porn and Granny porn. Several daily updates. The commission you earn from the program depends on what product your traffic buys: 1 month pays $8 and recurring but with over 10 sales a month it pays $10, 6 month membership to both TAC Amateurs Network & TAC Amateurs Network 2 pays $54. $68 with 10+ signups. In between these two extremes there are many different commission rewards. Read More...

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6: Pussy Cash - High Paying Cam Affiliate Program

Pussy Cash Adult Affiliate


Sites: 9 WebCam Sites

Flagships: Im Live, Sexier, Supertrip.com, Cam creative, Supermen.com, Lexier cams, Shemale.com, Fetish gallery, and Idesire

Programs: Link codes, banners, ifremes, make a complete cam site.

Payment Options: Check, Wire, Paxum, ePay, ePayments, Cosmo

35% Revenue Share, $150 to $250 PPS, $2-$3 Webmaster Referral PPS. A major sex webcam affiliate program. They reward their affiliates greatly with amazing 35% revenue share and PPS starting at $150. The PPS will increase to $200 after the 5th sale in one period. They are flagship site Im Live accepts lots of payment options, including PayPal so conversions are not that hard to achieve. The site also has lots of incentives to convert visitors by offering bonuses and nice rewards for buying credits. The site also hosts lots of different niche cams, including straight, lesbian, gay, tranny, fetish, and users can easily filter the cams based on things like ethnicity, and specific model looks. Pussy Cash is the affiliate program for 9 different webcam & sexy adult community sites and 1 porn site. The sites include Supermen.com (gay community and live cam site) and Shemale.com (tranny community and live cam site). The affiliate program has been around for a long time and has won many awards along the way, including the Best live cam revenue program 2017. Lots of promo tools: Live Banners, GEO Targeted Banners, Pop-up Messenger, Full Page Ads and more. Read More...

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7: Hustler Cash - Pornstars Affiliate Program

Hustler Cash Adult Affiliate


Sites: 21 Porn Sites, 3 WebCam Sites

Flagships: Hustler, Barely Legal, Hustler's Taboo, Hustler HD, Anal Hookers, Asian Fever, Beaver Hunt, Bossy Milf, Busty beauties, Hustler's College Girls, and many more.

Niches: Hardcore, All

Programs: Link codes, live cams tools, downloadable content, Hustler 3D Game, Image and videos galleries, mobile tools, ecommerce tools, banners and page ads, advanced promo tools, and dating tools.

Payment Options: Check, Wire, Paxum, Payoneer

60% Revenue Share, $20 - $40 PPS, 20% Revenue Share for WebCams. Hustler Cash got many great adult sex sites for most needs. Most famous for their membership porn sites featuring many of the biggest star and the best productions. Not only in our top 10 picks for adult affiliate programs but also in the top 5 when it comes to porn affiliates. Their flagship sites has great brand recognition and trust delivering high quality porn for over a decade. Knock yourself out with a huge amount of marketing material including 4808 hosted videos and 17155 FHGs. It has been a while since the last update but it seems to come in big loads at a time. Check out the big archives and be ready for the next set of updates! How much money you can make per signup depends on how many customers you send a month, if it is mobile traffic and if you use console. For instance if you send 5 sales per month with console enabled, you will make $30 per sale from desktops and $25 from mobiles. Read More...

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 8: Chaturbate

Chaturbate Adult Affiliate


Sites: 1 Grand WebCam Site For All Needs

Flagships: Chaturbate

Niches: All

Programs: Link codes, white label, Banners: Animated, Broadcasters, Broadcasters Recruitment, Female, Male, Trans, cam listing, embedded cams, instant message ads, popup code, rss/atom, and more

Payment Options: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, Paxum, ePayments, Bitcoin

20% Revenue Share, $1 Pay Per FREE, $50 Per Model, 5% Webmaster Referral. This adult webcam affiliate program is talked about online a lot at the time being among xxx webmaster. It seems to be the consensus that it is the most profitable affiliate program for adult webcam chat. Webmasters are suggesting to go with the lifetime revenue share option for the best earnings over time with this affiliate program. Overall one of my favorite adult webcam affiliate programs now. Their sex cam site is one of the worlds successful adult sites and by far the most popular one according to Google search. Users just love the Chaturbate sex cam experience which is watching really sexy shows and just tip money to the girls at will. Luckily people do tip quite a lot! You will find a lot of marketing tools to use including live streaming iframes with or without the chat box and also a lot of banners. This xxx cam site reminds me of what tubes is to porn because the visitors gets so much live sex for free. The difference though is that Chaturbate pays because of members tipping and upgrading their accounts!  If you create a white label webcam site with Chaturbate you do not have to have the ads showing. The flat $1 pay per free (no credit card and email verification required) is attractive compared with other programs that discriminates against referrals from low paying countries. It might be the best pick for some webmasters which don not have traffic from the right countries which spends much money. But I would go with revenue share for some time first to test that to ensure you pick the best paying program. Read More...

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9: Money Tree - Streamate - Best Paying WebCam Affiliate Program

Money Tree Adult Affiliate


Sites: 3 WebCam Sites

Flagships: Streamate, free live cams, free gay cams, and free tranny cams

Programs: Link codes, custom inframe cam sites, free hosted galleries, full page ads, half page ads, standard banners, odd size banners, suggested text, and hosted banners.

Payment Options: Check, Payoneer

30% Revenue Share, $40 Pay Per FREE Join (PPFS), 1% - 10% Webmaster ReferralSend your traffic to an average of 1800 live cam models ready to tease and please. Choose the flagship site Streamate, the Gay version or the Tranny version. Enjoy high 30% lifetime revenue share for all referrals. This is HIGH for a.  webcam affiliate program and AMAZING for the total revenue each average customer can earn you! A bit old fashioned affiliate area that could need a revamp but the cam sites are up to date. Unlike some other competing cam sites Streamate does not have traffic leaking advertisements anywhere. This site is all about live cam sex and nothing else. The site has several languages it will be translated into for international traffic. The $40 Pay per free join is a good program but it does require the referral to provide their credit card information, and once they have registered with that on file you probably are better off with 30% of their purchases for life. Read More...

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10: CrakRevenue - Adult Dating, Webcam, Sex Games & Porn Affiliate Network

Crak Revenue Adult Affiliate


Sites: 10+ Adult Dating Sites, 20+ WebCam Sites, 40+ Porn Sites

Flagships: MyFreeCams, Im Live, BangBros, Slut Roulette

Niches: Many Niches

Programs: Access to many offers, and a bunch of tools. but for me, it's a little hard to understand.

Payment Options: Check, Wire, Paxum, PayPal

Up to $130 PPS for WebCam Sites, $100 PPS for Dating Sites, $50 for Porn Sites, 5% Webmaster Referral. With this huge adult affiliate network you can promote over 1.000 offers, including several top porn sites, webcam sites and adult dating sites. Also, sexual health products and sex and porn surveys. You will find some of the best affiliate programs listed here like their exclusive $2.5 Pay Per FREE Signup (19 countries) MyFreeCams cam site, the $135 PPS Im Live webcam offer, $40 PPS Swipe Flirts dating site and $0.5$2.5 PPL Slut Roulette webcam program as well as a $35 PPS 3D sex game. There is also a great deal of learning material for new porn webmasters within this network. They continue to write new and interesting blog posts every week. Read More...

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11: Bunnies 4 Cash

Bunniess 4 cash Affiliate


Sites: 14

Niches: Asians, teens, and biker chicks

Programs: Link codes, Image Galleries, Videos, tube movies, hosted galleries

Payment Options: Your paid through your ccbill affiliate program.

Promote this affiliate and earn 50% commission on all sales that you generate through your affiliate links. This affiliate is with ccbill. You also earn 10% of all webmasters that join under you for the life of the webmaster as long as the webmaster works for them. Read More...

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12: Luso Money

Luso Money Affiliate


Sites: 10

Niches: Busty Asians, big tit movies, ebony sex, amateur, bulklake vault, super teens, anal sex, cum shot movies, ebony boobs, and fisting sex

Programs: Link codes, Free Hosted Galleries, FHG's, Free hosted pics, and Pic of the Day Script. Banners in animated GIF, Flash banners. Galleries in ZIP format, Full page Ads. High-resolution promo pics. Exclusive promotional content.

Payment Options: Your paid through your ccbill affiliate program.

Our standard revenue share payout is 50% of each initial signup and 50% of each renewal for the lifetime of every membership. We take care of all billing costs so you will get a clean 50%. To maintain a great retention, we offer the members of our paysites a lot of content, access to all paysites in our network and excellent customer support. You can send people via one of our banners, create your own banners, a full page ad or just a regular text link. Our affiliate tracking is run by CCBill - the biggest and best Adult Payment Processor, and all commission payments will be made by CCBill direct. Earn 5% over all sales and renewals of the webmaster that signs up under you. Read More...

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13: Asian Money Machine

Asian Money machine Affiliate


Sites: 7

Niches: Asians, Thai, Japanese, Big Tits, and Extra Large Asian Girls

Programs: Link codes, galleries, flash videos, 404 pages, zip content, blogs/rss, potd, and im popups.

Payment Options: 50% Revshare, 5% webmasters referrals. Powered by ccbill with weekly payouts.

The entire adult industry has been looking for something "new" and "fresh" for quite some time and now we have it. XL Asians is totally exclusive, totally unique, geared towards the English speaking market and is a true one of a kind website featuring thick, chubby, BBW and large breasted Asian girls! There is nothing else like it online! Read More...

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14: Monger Cash

Monger Cash Affiliate


Sites: 14

Niches: Asians, Ladyboy, and Milf

Programs: Link codes, banner images, flash banners, free hosted galleries, feeds, content zip, videos, page peels, and content of the day

Payment Options: International check, paxum, paypal, usa check, usa direct deposit, paid twice a month.

50% rev-share recurring, 5% webmaster referrals. Since 2006, our ever-growing portfolio of original, well-branded hardcore paysites with rare and exclusively shot content has been proven to convert your traffic into sales. With our 50% Lifetime Recurring Revenue Sharing, you will literally make money in your sleep as customers enjoy our exciting members areas month after month. When you join our Program, we will provide you with a wide array of promotional tools and a close, personalized affiliate support experience that is second to none. Join us today, and begin sharing the rewards of our collective efforts for many years to come! Read More...

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15: Island Dollars

Island Dollars Affiliate


Sites: 15

Niches: Asian, Asia, Tranny, Ladyboy tube, pregnant

Programs: Link codes, banner images, flash banners, hosted galleries, content zips, mailing templates, custom fansigns, embedded videos, page peels, and half and full page ads

Payment Options: Check, domestic wire, international wire, paxum, and United State ACH

60% Recurring revshare and 10% Webmaster referrals, and pps.  IslandDollars is the premier SE Asian Niche Program. Focusing on Exclusively Produced Ladyboy and Amateur Thai girl content, each site is specifically made with member satisfaction in mind. Sites that actually update with brand new never-before-seen Episodes gives you fresh content to promote and your surfers reason to join and stay. Clean sites with industry leading content.

Zero leak tours and excellent members areas. Promote now and make good money from the rarest content in the world. Welcome to Island Dollars. Read More...

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16: Cam Dough


Sites: 10

Niches: Cams, Asian, trannys, and white label site

Programs: Banner ads, roll over ads, iframes, live streaming ads, exclusive cam videos, video chat ad, carousel, free hosted galleries, online indicators, popup im ads, xml feeds, link codes, and rss feeds. many more options with iframes.

Payment Options: Checks, ACH Us, bank wire, smart money Philippines, paxun and paypal

Vip 60% payout, 30% webmasters referrals, 10% referrals. This affiliate has so many tools and all to do with cams. You can make many full page iframe cam sites in your affiliate dashboard. Read More...

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